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DissFest 2018

The Fourth Year – the team this year expanded upon the community focus by running community workshops throughout the entire year as well as community theatre performances and artists at the Festival. It was a lovely summery weekend with no rain cloud in sight, with lots of engagement from local residents.

Photo credits: Danielle Davis & Andrew Button

A collection of images from the festival weekend 20-21-22 July – credit Danielle Davis Photography & Andrew Button

Posted by Unit Twenty Three on Thursday, 23 August 2018

DissFest 2017

The Third Year – the team focused the festival on community arts and celebrating local professional talent from across East Anglia. We programmed all events in Diss Park, and even though we dodged a few July showers, the festival was a brilliant and successful progression for the team.

Photo credits: Luke Taylor, 2017

Find out what went down during this year's DissFest through a lovely collage of photos!

Posted by Unit Twenty Three on Wednesday, 2 August 2017

DissFest 2016

The Second Year – the team pushed DissFest further by moving the Festival to July, which saw a much better turn out. The first group of Young Associates were established, and they offered their expertise and assistance, as well as bringing a brand new line-up of musicians and artists from all over the country.

Photo credits: Idriss Assoumanou, 2016

From music to poetry, this year's DissFest was more of a success than last year! Feel free to have an exploration of…

Posted by Unit Twenty Three on Monday, 15 August 2016

DissFest 2015

The Pilot Year – It was put together in just six weeks, and ran over a March weekend. It marked an excellent start to an inspiring project.

Photo credits: Bhavesh Jadva, 2015

Some Pictures from DissFest' 2015

Posted by Unit Twenty Three on Saturday, 22 August 2015